This was my first retreat (Anahata April 2015). I had no idea what to expect, but what I became a part of was nothing I could have imagined!

Jen has an energetic loving energy that she successfully vibrated out into that retreat. As the journey unfolded we all connected and became a part of that vibration. She created a space where each of us would be able to open up and see ourselves and to see others for just who they are.

The journey started with some friends and several strangers and ended with a spiritual family of women that will forever be connected to my heart! As women we are so critical of ourselves and each other. ..I have never experienced such openness, love and acceptance from other women as I did there.

It was really an amazing journey I will never forget! Thank you Jen.

Crystal Greger

The Essential Yoga School retreat was one of the best I’ve had the fortune to experience. It was extremely well organized and the location and activities were superb. We had time to relax and journal, but went very deep in terms of personal life growth and Asana.

I had the joy of experiencing many life transformations as participants went fully into love and acceptance for themselves and each other. I was uplifted, inspired and replenished by the beautiful location, retreaters and classes. The food could not have been more healthy and delicious and I made friends with women who will be special to me forever.

Lauren Rovira
Source Studio

I got so much out of the Anahata Springs Retreat! From the fresh air to the splendid food, from the Aerial yoga to the Acro yoga, from the marvelous massage to just soaking up the sun by the pool, it was exactly what I needed. And then there was the art group, the divination workshop, and the vision boarding!
Everyone was so friendly, loving and supportive, and I enjoyed making new friends. What a great opportunity to explore, learn, relax, and move to new levels of self-honoring and authenticity! Thanks Jen.

Sara K.

I truly enjoyed getting away from the world for a few days and nights and meeting new people. Things I enjoyed during this trip included, Aerial Yoga, early morning sadhna, vegan cuisine, my kitchen time and the Breath work.

The women at the retreat made it very easy for me to be myself, which is a gift in itself. This was my first Yoga Retreat and it will not be my last. Thank you Jen Claudio.


I find it slightly challenging to write about my experience at Anahata Resort because its something words just really have no place to describe. My eyes water up a little bit in gratitude recollecting the beautiful nostalgia of my experience in the desert.

If you break down that word, re-treat…the prefix ‘re’ meaning to withdraw, to return to, give way, step back; thats exactly the process I went through.

Slowing down and tuning-in for a soul tune-up. Stepping out of the false facade that somehow falls upon my face and creating space for my true self, the spirit in which was specifically breathed into this package of skin I walk around in. Giving back myself which is really not mine to begin with. I am just a tool, a beacon of light to warm the cold ones in the shade; realizing that someone is sometimes me.

On the topic of self-love, we must not only be continuously learning to love ourselves but in doing so loving others better, with more authenticity than fear. Loving ourselves may be as simple as taking a quiet walk or journaling in the sunshine, those are loving acts that I prefer, however.

Too many days I have spent in agony over not doing what I really want to be doing. There is no better time than now. If not now, when? Now is always the right time to love. Having only been on this earth physically for a mere 20 years I feel as though there is still so much work to be done; within myself and in the world as well. There is suffering to be relieved, brokeness to heal, deadness to bring back to life.

And all of that begins with learning to love and take care of someone very special, me. I’ve learned that I am replenishing myself; my heavy mind, fragile body, my weary and restless heart.. with waking early before the sun and then rising with it. I am retreating back into a place as sacred as my own soul, the gift of light given by the great One.

l felt I lost all that was not needed; the irrevelent air that lurked in my body, the false perceptions I had placed upon myself or that had been placed upon me. In losing all of that I gained a new vision, a new home within my soul that keeps close to the light and truth of Jah. As I let my flesh become less and less, I saw a great light within, admiring its presence to a place that once seemed so foreign.

And so with a radiant heart and a more hop in my step, I danced away from the retreat feeling refreshed and awakened to a whole new illustrious world that was alot bigger than the one outside of me. Sat Nam. XO.

Lauren L

Jen Claudio our New Vision Women’s Retreat in Desert Hot Springs 2015, was an amazing collaboration of nourishing talent, energy, LOVE and support provided by you and the women who helped guide us along our four day journey. Thank you Jamie Beavers, Lauren Rovira, Sarah Lim, Susan Johnston and of course Jen Claudio. Making new connections with like minded people is a beautiful and empowering thing and I thank all who attended. What I took away from this retreat I cannot repay, instead I will pay it forward. Namaste.

Dorien Upton




I am currently in the teacher training at Essential Yoga School and I can’t say enough good things about my experience.The curriculum is easy to understand and Jen is an amazing instructor. Anyone looking to deepen their practice and/or become a yoga instructor will get top notch training at an affordable price. Highly recommended.

Alyssa Daigneault

Jen has the golden heart of a true Yogi. I’m ever inspired by her school and practice! In just the few months EYS has been training students at Source Studio, our confidence has progressed, we’re gaining a deep knowledge of yogic lifestyle and there is no pressure or tension in her classes. This school shines a light I highly recommend stepping into:). Namaste.

Lauren Rovira

I’m currently enrolled in Essential Yoga Schools 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training. I would have never envisioned myself attempting anything like this in the past, but having experienced Jennifer Arias as my yoga teacher, I felt drawn to her gentle, loving presence and knew I would be in a safe place to deepen my practice and do some real soul searching.

Debbye Taylor

So happy I joined the EYS family! Jn is wonderful. She holds opens the door for you to exploe yourself on this journey! I just completed the 200 TT and will soon be joining the 300 hour TT with her also! I can’t wait. If you are looking for a yoga teacher training…here is a good one!

Crystal Greger

Jen’s knowledge and compassion come through her teaching!

Susan Johnston

This is an amazing yoga school!!! Jen is Absolutely loving, kind and patient. I am enrolled in her teacher training and couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Essential Yoga school to anyone!

Megan Lacey Wren

I’m so glad I found Jen and Essential Yoga School. I’m so grateful!! I have learned so much about myself. She will empower you. Her school is also Yoga Alliance Certified.

Jessica Mendelsohn


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